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As of midnight 17th March 2020, Body Works closed its doors for good reasons. As a result of the current situation Body Works is now live streaming classes.

We will be offering three classes:

  • Coronalates Mixed ability body weight classes
  • Family Classes
  • Over 70’s Classes

These classes have been created as a result of faithful clients initially encouraging me to stream live classes, having two boys who are loving not being at school, and, two aging parents who are in voluntary isolation. The classes are there for everyone to enjoy and I hope you find them easy to follow, while also delivering a strong workout.

If you are in a position to be able to afford classes, and are wanting to pay, options are below. If you are not in the position to contribute, then I sincerely hope these classes help your resilience and resolve in these times. We are all in this together, and, together we will get through it.

Oh, and as always at Body Works, first class is free, some come try a class first and see what we are all about. If you would like to pay full price for the classes, then the prices are below, less 25% discount.“

Stay Safe – Stay Sanitised – Stay Isolated – Stay Positive

Live Stream Contributions

Donation: 1 Class


per class per familyPaypal me

Donation: 5 Classes


per week per familyPaypal me

Full Price: 1 Class


x1 ClassPaypal me

Full Price: 5 Classes


x5 ClassesPaypal me

Full Price: 10 Classes


x20 ClassesPaypal me

Contributions can also be sent either through Paypal (bryn@bodyworks.com.mt) or Revolut: +356 99804082


I am not looking to make money out of this, just enough to try and cover my costs. To that end I pledge that all money made above my living expenses I will donate to both international and local relief agencies.

Please remember

You do not have to do the classes at these times. All videos are on my YouTube channel and you can access the at a time of your convenience.

Live Streams